Donjek Tools: Transportation Consulting for Public and Private Clients

Donjek Transportation Consulting
Donjek is rolling out with transportation planning and policy service, so to speak.  Look to us toDonjek Transportation Service conduct travel demand projections and management analysis, evaluate streetcar finance, negotiate shared parking agreements, and determine whether to use tax increment financing for streets and structured parking.  We identify and present solutions in these areas on behalf of our public- and private-sector clients.  We are able to:
  • Work with mid-size and large employers to reduce payroll taxes and parking lease charges.  We are able to analyze employee travel and parking requirements, to help employers identify and manage these costs, using travel demand management plans and other measures.
  • Form urban and suburban transportation site plans to cultivate the vital places in your city.
  • Develop shared parking arrangements and parking management plans that ensure efficient access and circulation.
  • Prepare traffic impact studies to determine the effect of development on congestion, safety, and parking supply. 
  • Analyze transportation markets to estimate demand and identify innovative, multi-modal solutions to transportation challenges.
Click here for a brief summary of Donjek transportation services and related background.

Getting Less Mileage Out of the Gas Tax
Last week, Congress recapitalized the Highway Trust Fund, a gas-tax funded resource available in the past for construction of roads and bridges as well as transit infrastructure.  If unaddressed, the U.S. Department of Transportation indicated the fund would empty as of October 1.  This article provides a sound recent overview of the move.  It also explores the increasing folly of levying gas tax as a dollar value per gallon, while inflation mixed with reduced fuel consumption by consumers is leading to deterioration of revenues and resources available for investment in transportation infrastructure.  Talk about a volatile mixture!

Learn more about the State of Oregon’s experimentation will replacing gas tax with a mileage fee in an article from Governing magazine available here.  If you have an afternoon to spend on it, see this document.


  1. Noticed the Amsterdam bike-parking ramp in your brochure. Nice touch. Its a great amenity that I used countless times in my 5 months there.