Invitation: Join Us at the Citizens League’s Regional Policy Workshop

On Tuesday, September 23, the Citizens League will host a workshop to facilitate discussion focused oCL
n regional economic development themes central to the future of the Minneapolis-St. Paul region.  With Stacy Becker, I will co-moderate a morning session entitled, "Developing a New Model for Resource Use." The League's description of the session's content offers more detail:

The last forty years were arguably an era of unprecedented wealth and resources in the United States.  Participants will explore the concept of a new era of relative scarcity, and imagine possible responses.  What impacts will massive demographic changes have on resource use? Are there important and costly areas where we tend to use our resources in single-purpose ways that could be developed into more flexible and adaptive purposes?  Where do solutions overlap? What are the incentives that can encourage people and institutions to develop these approaches?

We'd value your perspective and invite you to attend.  Content in other sessions will raise questions about regional competitiveness, aging, and the foreclosure wave.  And we're not leaving without some answers in hand!

Sign up for the workshop here.  See you there!

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