Redeveloping the Cents of Place Blog


From here forward, the Cents of Place blog will continue to focus on the issues in which you and I share an interest: Public finance, redevelopment, land use, urban economics, policy. Posts will, however, be shorter and more frequent than has been typical over the last four years. 

For today, I am pleased to post the final Minneapolis Saint Paul Metropolitan Business Plan, its executive summary, and a companion framing piece produced by our region's partners at the Brookings Institution. These documents will, I hope, remain in development in the near future, to reflect the increasing momentum and consensus around the importance of a region-scale agenda for innovation, human capital, education and workforce, spatial efficiency, key industry clusters and governance. Like other metropolitan economies, ours depends on intential approaches to each.

Thanks for continuing to read the Cents of Place blog – I hope you will find it valuable in this new format.

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